Friday, August 19, 2016

My Last Night

One of the most equally dreaded and anticipated nights I have had in a long time is finally here, the last night I will be home before I move into my dorm. As I write this my entire family is in a room upstairs which I am not allowed to enter due to something involving my birthday. We have to leave our house around 7:30 in the morning, so celebrating this evening while we are all actually awake seemed appropriate. Tonight will be fun and full of tears I am sure, but I am in  no way ready for what tomorrow has in store for me. As I have said before, my roommate and I have known each other since birth, and our families have always been close, so with all of us shoved into a tiny dorm I cannot imagine the chaos that is sure to ensue when it is time for our parents and siblings to leave and for us to finish unpacking our boxes. For tonight I will enjoy the honorary birthday that I am having, but turning 18 and moving out on the same day is going to rock my world. Wish me luck!

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