Thursday, August 18, 2016

Looming Responsibilities

Tomorrow is my last day at home before I move into my dorm and I on an emotional roller coaster, stuck upside down in the last loop. I have yet to pack my bags, despite ample free time, I just binge watched The Originals on Netflix, and I am completely out of things to do aside from sit and think about what comes next. I am now at the point in my life where everyone believes, or pretends to believe, that I will have a bright future and do many great things. Yet, in 4 years at least one third of those people won't remember who I am. Two thirds of the remaining people will most likely disapprove of a choice of mine along the line and expect that I be married and pregnant the day after graduation. Leftover is the small elite group of people who realize that success is measured in more ways than a degree and a family. I can't help but to worry that by the end of my next four years of education I will be viewed as a failure, a walking representation of all of my missed opportunities. It will be time to get a job and go with the flow of society, talk about unimportant things with women in my neighborhood whom I have nothing in common with and wonder where along the line I messed up.
With that being said I am happy to announce that I intend to follow no such path. If I can face the looming responsibility of adulthood, then maybe I can overcome the chains that follow shortly after.

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